New York State Parenting Education Partnership

Recognizing that parents are their child’s first and most important teachers, the New York State Parenting Education Partnership (NYSPEP) was created in 2007 to expand opportunities for parents to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to raise healthy children in a nurturing environment.  NYSPEP is a statewide network with more than 1500 agencies, organizations and individuals.  Membership is open to representatives of organizations that support family development, including parents and guardians. Members meet twice a year and receive a weekly electronic newsletter. To learn more, visit NYSPEP.

New York State Parenting Education Partnership activities include:  

  • Parenting Education Credential: In 2011, NYSPEP created New York’s first parenting education credential to accommodate a range of skills and experience, four levels are offered. The list of credentialed parenting educators is available at NYSPEP.
  • Strong Roots: Since 2014, NYSPEP has offered one day professional development events across the state, in addition to regular webinars, to support practices that enhance effective parenting education and improved outcomes for children. For more information on the current schedule and training topics, please visit NYSPEP.
  • General meetings: A general training institute is offered twice a year.  The Spring 2013 Institute, co-sponsored with the ECAC, highlighted the work of Dr. Mary McKay, NYU’s School of Social Work, and others on family engagement.  Materials from this meeting have been posted to: New York State Parenting Education Partnership (NYSPEP) Spring Meeting & Training Institute on Family Engagement  
  • Community Café: Launched in 2012 to develop parent leadership and build community capacity to better meet families’ needs, Community Café, has hosted orientations for 18 community teams across the state. Click here to view a mid-project progress report. The project is offered in partnership with the New York State Office of Children and Family Services the New York State Children and Family Trust Fund and the New York State Project LAUNCH.
  • New Parent Kit: Covering child development from prenatal to age five, this kit is being designed as a resource for parents, providing answers to common questions and information about services.

The New York State Parenting Education Partnership is convened by: