Home Visiting Coalition

New York State is a national leader in home visiting. Over the past 20 years, this voluntary program, where trained professionals visit at-risk mothers before and after birth, has shown impressive results in   increasing the stability, safety, health and learning for both children and parents – while reducing short and long-term use of costly services. That is why the Home Visiting Work Group is making the expansion of this program a priority.

Home Visiting Activities:

    • Statewide access: While home visiting has proven successful, programs currently serve only a small percentage of New York families. The work group is looking at ways to expand home visiting to reach the neediest families, and includes universal child screening and assessment for participants.
    • Connecting to community: Home visiting connects families with important community-based services and support. This early connection has proven highly effective at preventing problems, child abuse or learning delays, from escalating.
    • Workforce development: Providing the training and credentialing to expand home visiting’s work force while ensuring a universal level of expertise across stand-alone and community-based providers.
      Research and Reporting: Ensuring that home visiting continues to use proven, research-based approaches to improve outcomes for mothers and babies, while expanding the reporting of results, to gain a fuller picture of the needs and outcomes of home visiting.

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