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    What is the ECAC?

    The New York State Early Childhood Advisory Council (ECAC)
    was formed in 2009 to provide counsel to the Governor on issues related to young children and their families.
    The ECAC is comprised of expertsin education, health care, child welfare and mental health. Members represent state agencies, advocacy groups, foundations, higher education, unions and other key organizations concerned with the wellbeing of young children and their families, as appointed by the Governor.
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    A Smart Investment

    “Economically speaking, early childhood
    programs are a good investment, with
    inflation-adjusted annual rates of return on
    the funds dedicated to these programs
    estimated to reach 10% or higher.
    Very few alternative investments can
    promise that kind of return.”
    - Ben Bernanke, Chairman, Federal Reserve
    Investment in early childhood education
    isn’t just good for children – it’s also good
    for New York’s economy. Every dollar
    invested in high quality early education 
    returns up to $14 in savings, by reducing
    remedial and special education; juvenile
    justice services and welfare support. 
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    Helping Children &                            Families Succeed

    The New York State Early Childhood
    Advisory Council (ECAC) is working to
    create a comprehensive early
    childhood system in New York that provides
    every child with the support and services
    necessary to succeed in school and in life.
    In turn, this success will ensure stronger
    families, a more competitive workforce and a
    brighter future for New York’s economy.
    The vision of the ECAC is to ensure all
    young children are healthy, learning, and
    thriving in families that are supported by a
    full complement of services and resources
    essential for successful development.
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    The Power of Early Learning

    Brain research shows 75% of brain growth
    and 85% of intellect, as well as personality
    and social skills develop before age five?
    • A child’s brain develops 700 synapses –
    • neural connections that transmit information
    • – every second?
    • At age four, a child’s ability to pay attention
    • and complete a task strongly predicts the
    • likelihood of graduating from college by age 25?

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